It all started with the need for a shop apron.....

So after many many years of building many things out of wood-- from toys, to furniture, custom gaming desks, electric guitars, sheds, decks...... heck, I even built my own house from a log cabin kit and my own two hands (and of course some help from others)-- I finally got myself a proper wood shop set up out in one half of our barn on my families small homestead.
One thing that I quickly decided I needed was a workshop apron to hold marking and measuring tools while I worked and also serve as protection for my clothing and body. Being an old school Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy RPG guy, I envisioned an oiled leather scarred and marred piece; the kind you'd find on a Dwarven Blacksmith in some old craggy cave forge somewhere..... And after looking at some of these types of high quality aprons and their associated incredibly high prices, I decided to try my hand at making my own, like I've done with so many other things I've wanted or needed...... And so it began.
Many, many books (yes, BOOKS... I'm old-school like that!), articles, and videos later I ordered up a slab of cow hide and went to work crafting this fine piece of gear for myself. It came out great! So great in fact, that the wife instantly declared that my new found talent needed to be steered in a totally new direction to build her the ultimate pocketbook. Which of course I gladly did, and it too came out great! It was with these first two projects that my love for the craft of leather working took hold, and ever since I've been working hard to hone the skills, learn and refine the processes, and design cool new one-of-a-kind items.

Thanks for taking the time to read my humble story

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